Kooba sienna in black leather

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know what color the lining is in this bag? pink? mauve? beige?
    And is the inside zipper pulled with tassle or kooba zipper plaque?
    And lastly what color is hardware, gold, brass or silver?

    (cant seem to see authentic picture anywhere anymore)
  2. Hardware varies depending on bag color. Black is an antique brass. Interior on the black ones is lavendar ultrasuede. This is true for both smooth and pebbled versions.
  3. If you are talking the latest Smooth black Siennas the inside zipper pull is metal. The leather pulls have been gone for a couple years I believe.
  4. Didn't some of the smooth black siennas have that mossy colored ultrasuede as well???
  5. Only ones I've seen are lavendar. Other color Siennas have different color interiors. Here's my smooth black sienna that I recently bought in an auction.
  6. Nope, some were made with the Moss lining. LIke mine. It was bought from Neiman Marcus and I have the tags. Anyway, I know it is authentic. Maybe it's the smooth black that isn't form the Cruise line. I don't have a good pic of it at all. I'll have to get one done this weekend.

    Black Sienna.JPG
  7. smooothhh blaaackkk leaatthhhheerrr Siiieennnaaa.....:drool:
  8. Guess mine's from a different collection. That one's a beauty, Lexie.
  9. That's what I keep saying. Mine is still in transit.
  10. Did you get it yet??? :yahoo:
  11. Not yet, but it should be any day now.