Kooba Sienna...How can you tell?

I was given a Kooba Sienna bag (nutmeg in color) as a gift the other day. I know the person paid quite a bit for the bag (on ebay) the auction stated that it was an authentic bag...I have it sitting here and I can't tell if it's real or not. Are there any tell tale signs to know if a Kooba Sienna bag is real or not?
Could you post pics? Hopefully it didn't come with plastic-wrapped handles, right? The leather on the fakes is pretty bad... how does the leather on yours look/feel? One of the easist ways to tell is the condition of the leather... the authentic bags scratch VERY easily and even a brand new bag is likely to have a few scuffs. Does your bag have any marks or is it perfect?
I don't have pics. No it didn't come with plastic around the handles. The leather sounds kind of "crunchy" if that makes sense. It doesn't smell like leather either. The leather isn't perfect and it has a lot of wrinkles and a couple of scuffs. :sad2: Ugh...I am so frustrated..I would hate to think that the person that bought it for me got hosed!
Ok here are a couple of pics (hopefully I did this right). Please excuse the fact that I took them next to the bath tub...it's the best light in the house!


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one of the other tell tale signs is the pull tag on the inside zippered pocket of the bag. It should be a metal tag that says kooba on it -- not a leather tie tag. at least with the newer ones -- I don't know if kooba made leather pull tags in the past but I know they don't put them on the siennas now.
Those pics are too small to tell but I really think that bag is fake. The color looks like more like luggage, not cognac, and it's shiny and stiff. Eek. If it were authentic, you wouldn't be doubting it right now. :sad2:
I'm looking at a real Sienna from Active Endeavors (which I may send back) -- the metal snap says USATM 1974222. Same on another real one I saw. Just for clarification -- the first Siennas had leather pulls on the zippers, then they switched to metal. I think they keep changing the details to try to stay ahead of the copycats. BTW there was a real nearly new Sienna on EBay last time I looked -- she's asking a lot for it, justifiably.
I have a Kooba Sienna in Nutmeg, and it is more brown than the one you have. It is made of EXTREMELY soft leather--the Sienna bags always are.

If you have doubts about the leather, return it. If the bag was real, I think you would be very happy with it!

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help.