Kooba Sienna Floral

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Sorry if this was already posted, but it's my first time seeing this...Maybe it's just me, but I think they should have left well-enough alone.:wacko:

  2. I've never seen it before, but I think I prefer the regular Sienna.
  3. I think it's cool, and I love the color, but I would never buy a Kooba because I think they're needlessly expensive.

    This is probably their attempt at redefining their signature look the way Chloe does with the Paddington.
  4. Uhh...definitely does not appeal to me...like my kooba sienna just the way it is...
  5. looks kinda hippy-ish. or is it just me?
  6. Aww.. I kind of like it, but maybe it's a little too boho, I'm all boho-ed out.
  7. It looks like it has a rash!
  8. I prefer the old style (although I returned mine). It looked too 70's or cowboy'ish on me. It wasn't a bag I could see using for years and years.
  9. I don't like any type of Sienna bag..at all...
  10. Me too!!!:lol:
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