Kooba Sienna bag smells

  1. I would post this under authenticate this..and I am new to the boards by the way. I have always wanted a Kooba Sienna bag, but there is no way I could ever pay that much for a bag :sad:. However I found one on ebay for 200.00. I must be totally ignorant but had never heard of fakes being sold until AFTER I paid. It looks real to me, beatiful purse. Would love to use. But it smells weird. Like play doh. Wondering if this is the leather or something. I am also wondering if it is a fake. I will be so sad if it is because I have never even paid this much for a bag :sad:. Anyone have one?
  2. None of my Kooba bags have ever smelled like PlayDoh. They do have a strong leather smell but I don't think it could be confused with a playdoh smell (which was a favorite smell from my childhood). If you bought it on ebay for less than 200 the odds are in favor of it being fake. Post the auction number if you could.
  3. Um, mine doesn't smell like that. It SHOULD smell like buttery leather!!!
  4. I'm sorry to say that you most probably have got a fake Sienna (but you might already know that by now). Bought a Sienna on ebay, while I was still very naive, like you I paid $200 (thought I was getting a great deal). When I received it, the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming smell of leather, plus the leather felt slouchy..just didn't think a $600 should be a disappointment (as that is what they retail for). The bag was listed as authentic, but I have of course since learned that that means nothing on ebay..I would send it back and ask for a refund. When I got the real deal a few months later, I knew straight away it was authentic, although the other one was a mirror replica, they look the same, the quality just isn't there...sorry