Kooba Siena...too late to purchase?

  1. How do you guys feel about this? Do you think the Siena is a 'timeless' handbag?

    I found one for a really good price, I really like it and the price is awesome but I am worried about having a timed bag...what do you think?:confused1:
  2. I think if you like the styling of the Kooba Sienna, to heck with what anyone else thinks. Just ask yourself if you LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag, if so, it was meant to be.

    I carry the little sister of Sienna, the Frankie, and adore the whip stitching and leather.

    Just be careful if your purchase is on eBay, they are full of fakeroonie Siennas and other Koobas.
  3. I agree with the above.
    If you love it..get it. Im in the process of buying a 'last season' bag, the Isabella Fiore Hugs and Kisses tote in Tan.
    Im in love with it and I know it looks good that I will use it.
    The sienna is a beauty and Im sure that it will have others drooling over it, no matter if its 5 hours or 5 years old! :yes:

    Hope you get it. Looking forward to pics!
  4. ok, so I bought it, but now I am not getting confirmation and its freacking me out!!!! :nuts:
  5. If it doesn't go through, you can just get the Jillian :nuts:
  6. Yeah...I could....but I think this is a scam to make me spend more money. :wtf:

    I really like the Siena I would love to get it, specially for that price!
  7. Everything happens for a reason!
  8. Good luck! The Sienna is my favorite Kooba by far. What I love most about the bag is how well thought out the design is... it's spacious, it's snazzy yet casual, and ooh la la that whipstitching! Let us know when you get it!
  9. I adore my Sienna and since my friends are not into bags they don't know what season they were out or if they are in. The ones that notice seem to like them.
  10. They had a lot of the Sienna bags at the Saks Off Fifth oulet for a really decent price...they usually have a coupon for 25-30% off as well. (If your order doesn't come through!):smile:
  11. Where are you ordering the Sienna from?
  12. I ordered it from Eluxury, I must have snatched the last one (hopefully) because I don't see it anymore. I did get my confirmation though :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!
    Thats a lovely bag!
  14. The Sienna has got to still be my favorite Kooba. It's just a great all around bag. What color did you get???
  15. I got the brown floral embossed...Fedex should be paying me a visit today!! :yahoo: