KOOBA scarlett vs. MARC JACOBS faridah?

  1. i was thinking of either getting a kooba scarlet or the marc jacobs faridah.. [​IMG] in either this olive, army metallic or suede, vs. [​IMG] what do you prefer? this would be my everyday bag for the rest of the year if i dont come across something i cant resist lol.
  2. I'm a big fan of Kooba..
  3. between the 2 - Kooba!
  4. thanks girls :smile:
  5. Definately Kooba
  6. the kooba is more classic and easy to match....but the MJ is so cute:love::love:
  7. i would say MJ :P
  8. Kooba
  9. Compared to the Kooba, the Faridah is a lot lighter and it fits a lot more stuff. It also has the convenience of the two outer pockets and is very casual. Because of the way it sags, the bag looks good empty or full. I was trying to decide between a Kooba Sienna and the Faridah, but ended up buying a Faridah because they were 40% off last week (at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong). I have the chalk stripe one and I have not regretted the purcahse because I use it everyday. Have you considered the Faridah in other prints such as the denim logo? It might be easier to match.
  10. the Faridha gets my vote :smile:
  11. I'm partial to the Kooba but then, I am more of a dressed down, plain type gal.