kooba sample sale

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  1. anyone go ? what did they have and prices?
  2. I was there this weekend and saw the bags. There were quite a few different styles -- many more than when they have the Gustto sales -- I also took some photos but I'm not sure if I can post them :smile:

    I was told prices would be between $125 - $300 though those weren't set in stone.

    I will try to figure out what styles they had and update this post in a bit. If anyone goes please dish the details!
  3. Alrighty, well that didn't take too long. Don't quote me because I couldn't get close to them, but this is what I saw:

    Jackie, Harper, Katy & Olivia in metallic, burnt brown and a navy/purple color
    Carley & Pamela in lavendar and tan
    Large, medium and small versions of Elisha in a red suede and white leather and a small version in metallic
    Heidi & Kaya clutches in tan and black
  4. Darn, i was hoping for a Heidi in the gold. . .
  5. How were the lines today? I wanted to go to pick up a Calypso dress but can't afford to wait in a super long line during my lunch hr bc it's across town :sad:. Not sure if I should brave it or not.
  6. huntjumper: The color is probably Gold Dust rather than tan. I listed everything off from a photo I took whilst at the Calypso sale on Sunday.

    glitzydiamonds: Sorry, I haven't been to the sale yet :sad:
  7. I didn't go. I passed on it.