Kooba Sample Sale - starts 10/23

  1. Clothingline will have a collection of Kooba bags starting 10/23. No pics posted to their website yet. Times/dates on www.clothingline.com.

    Why do I feel like I should be taking orders from the non-NYers out there?
  2. Thanks for posting. Has anyone gone to this sale in the past? Is it worth it?
  3. The prices were really good at the June sale. The large totes were $195 and the smaller bags were $175. They were brand new bags and very organized.
  4. In general, the sample sales that this company organized are really good and organized. I've gotten dresses, t-shirts, work clothing and, yes, handbags from them. I got a Kooba Sienna in flower-embossed brown for $200 about a year ago. If you're interested in Kooba it's definitely worth checking out.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if they will have the newer styles? (fall 2007?)
  7. Yet again, I wish I lived in NYC!
  8. Kooba and Tory Burch, I'll be there!
  9. all these amazing sales in october!! i wish i could be in LA and NY at the same time for all these deals!
  10. That makes two of us!!! I'm so jealous!!:crybaby:
  11. Kooba sounds really good but again I don't live in NYC
  12. I will definitely try to make it..
  13. let's make sure to remind each other of this sample sale!!!! do we know which bags will be available?
  14. I hope they have Paige!
  15. That's great, thanks for the heads up.