Kooba Sample Sale (NYC)

  1. Kooba
    Deal: More than half off handbags
    When/Where: Tuesday April 24th through Friday April 27th. Tue, Thu 10am—7pm; Wed, Fri 10am—6pm. 261 W 36th St at Seventh Ave, second floor
  2. Has anyone gone yet? I'm going to head over this afternoon to see if Paige is really there.
  3. i went there this morning and the Paige is really there. they have a lot of really nice handbags. the prices are a little higher than they were at the last kooba sample sale they had
  4. i was there as well - most expensive thing is 275 -
    I got a frankie and a mckenzie -

    none of the bright spring/summer stuff though - wait wasn't too bad either
  5. Thanks!
  6. THANKS! I have a friend going to NY this weekend will pass this along!
  7. Thanks! Do you know which colors they have Paige in?
  8. I can't remember paige colors but I know there were 4-6 different ones. Also Ginger, Lena, Sloan, Kelsey, Jessie, Sienna, Sydney, Holly, Audrey. . .and some of the "corseted" line but I'm not sure which ones.

    No line and not too crazy today, I can't vouch for what it will be later in the week.
  9. My friend stopped by for me, and there wasn't anything I want. I was really hoping for a bag from the Spring 2007 line. The bags from the SS are from the fall line I believe. Colors were mostly dark brown, forest green and honey.
  10. Went earlier and they raised the prices where most bags are $225-$275 when last year they were mostly under $200. They had a lot of sienna's. I might wait before I purchase since all sales are final.

    There was an older blonde lady there hoarding all the bags in black. I went to look at a bag on a table and she whipped it out of my hand proclaiming "that's mine I'm looking at it"
  11. You should've ***** slapped her. How rude.
  12. Hi!! did anyone see any charlies???? that bag is soooo chic.
  13. No Charlies. We asked.
  14. octnybride - Do you know if the Siennas were the smooth or pebble leather ones? How much were they? Thanks so much!