Kooba Sample Sale Next Week - NYC

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  1. I saw this the other day on the Deals & Steals forum and have been wondering ever since just what lines they will have. I'm going to be jealous (yet again) that the rare L.A. sample sales at the Cooper building don't carry much at all and the prices are higher.

    If any of you east coasties go, please let us know what they have!

  2. ^Thanks for posting! I'm stuck in the midwest though... unfortunately! :crybaby:
  3. I would love to go just once!!! We don't have those fabulous things here in Florida.....that I know of.....
  4. I'm going to try to go! Yippee. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. If I make it to this one, it will be my first sample sale. Can you guys give me an idea what to expect? Will they likely take credit cards? Are the bags generally in first quality condition? Any tips?
  6. lucky ladies who get to go *sighs and cries* one dayyyyy!
  7. Tell me about it! We don't live that far from one another, so I feel your pain. I said sample sale once and someone asked me if that meant you could try out the item and then pay for it later?
  8. Ha, ha!! Yes, I live in the land of vinyl......unless I travel a bit to Miromar or Ellenton or Bell Tower Shops! I would love to attend just one sample sale!!
  9. Okay, ladies....anyone brave the sale? If so, did you find something you HAD to have? Any superb deals? What did they have?

    Do tell!!
    Okay - pretend you don't see this until tomorrow....which I believe is the actual start date of the sale. Yeesh. : )~
  10. does anyone know which bags they might have?
  11. anyone go what did they have and prices
  12. I went and looked at the pamela (in lavendar and mocha) and the reese. Got the pamela, $225. I'm not sure of the other bag names or prices.

    No lines. Wonder where everyone was!
  13. Congrats on your purchase! :smile:

    The lack of lines seems very telling given what we've all been feeling about Kooba of late.
  14. ^and the fact that the company selling is not the nicest. Plus, they remove tags, mark bags and make claims out loud that everyone is an ebay seller. That's the biggest reason why I wasn't online today.
  15. I just came back from the sale and their selection was disappointing
    I cant remember all of the styles and prices, they range from $125 - $295.
    Here's what I can remember:

    Elisha (red, white) - $295
    Devin (red, white) - $295
    Bonnie (red, pewter) - $150
    Carly (mocha, lavender) - $275
    Pamela (mocha, lavender) - $225
    Kasie - $125
    Jackie, Linda, Katy, Olivia (Pewter, eggplant, and maybe the cuoio)
    Carrie, Bobbie, Taryn (disco silver, disco brown)

    I've always wanted a red elisha (I have a black suede), and I was surprised that the red elisha leather is so stiff, I thought it would be softer like the pewter, and it has a lot of scratches also.

    I didn't get anything...my wallet is happy