Kooba Sample Sale In Nyc

  1. Found this link for a Kooba sample sale!!!:yahoo:


    I have never been to one of these, but I will be in the city that week to see my FAVORITE show--LES MIS:p saw it three times already, and I AM THERE FOR THE FORTH!!

    I don't know if it will be any good since i have NEVER been to a sample sale before:shrugs: , but i will go check it out on wednesday and let you know!!! hope someone else will get to go before me, and let us know how it is!!!
  2. I'm going Wed also, going to try and get there before lunch time.

    If anyone goes on Tuesday, can I have a full report please? :roflmfao:
  3. Ain't really fair, is it? You lot get to go on a Kooba rampage, getting them all for next to nothing, while some of us are stuck on the other side of the planet, only able to look at stupid pictures online, gives me the hump!:confused1: (only joking, have fun and come back with a full report!:lol:)
  4. If anyone sees a Kooba Natasha in patent caramel, i dont suppose they could grab it for me and post it to Aus? ok i guess not, ill wake up now.. worth a shot! :angel:
  5. Belini, since you mentioned it, I've been looking for that Natasha in patent leather, haven't seen it anywhere (apart from Kooba.com)
  6. ok seriously though anyone who is going tues PLEASE PM ME!!! the woman who i thought could pick one up for me isnt gonna be able to go :sad: I am dying!!! :sad:

    soooo PM me if you are going tomorrow (TUES)morn! thanks
  7. heard its suppose to rain on wednesday:yucky: ~!!! might ruin shopping day!! :sad:

    anyone that lives in the city knows about the weather for this wednesday?