Kooba Sale

  1. Hi,
    Kooba is having their summer sale, most of the popular bags are 40% off.

  2. Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Do you have promotional code for Kooba.com? Thanks.
  5. You welcome, ladies

    Hi nomoney,
    Sorry I don't know any promotional code.

    I got my second Sienna in Olive colour 2 days ago ( my first brown Sienna has been on loan to my sister for the past year...sigh.)

    I'm very happy with Kooba's service( my first purchase on their website), I live in Vancouver Canada and my bag was sent "overnight" from California by DHL. Also, I though i have to fork our extra money for duties and Tax, instead i received my bag without delay and no extra charges! Yay!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks bluebe.

    I ordered already, still waiting. I should get it today. My first Kooba bag.
  7. Does anyone own the barrel bag? I'm looking at that one or the scarlett but don't know if the scarlett's too small. I have a black sienna on the way. However, I would really the scarlett in cream. The ivory is just too pale. :P
  8. I love the sienna, wow you must be so excited. Did you order it from Kooba?
  9. The prices on Kooba.com are really good, not as good as the sample
    sale I went to on 36th earlier this season.
    I ended up getting the scarlett in nutmeg - LOVE that color.
    I got from the sample sale a scarlett in cream too - it's like the most
    perfect summer color and the leather is just so darn soft and the quality is extremely good. I really like the size of the scarlett - I also have the Sienna in Olive - the quality of that leather is so good and the color is a great color for the fall. I'm also a big fan of the Marcelle - fits a lot in there. The barrell (Frankie?) is kind of heavy - I have that one too but
    from the sample sale and I'm thinking of selling it on ebay. I have it in espresso. I really was thinking about getting the Lucy in black - but it got sold out. Oh well.
  10. For those of you in NYC, I popped into Century 21 on my way to work this morning and they had a rack of last season's Kooba for EXTREMELY cheap. I jotted down what they had extremely quickly and hope I didn't get anything wrong and I forgot to take down materials, though most were leather or suede with a handful of them being the paisley velvet with leather trim and detail from last year. They also had about three times as many types of bags as I wrote down, I just wanted to get a sampling for you all.

    From $115-130: Tatum, Linda, Alison, Angie
    From $75-80: Jamie, Heidi
    From $55-60: Cameron, Francesca

    I personally picked up a velvet paisley print Stella with red leather trim and strap for $45 (I try to keep my bags under $50 unless I am buying for something specific). I love it.
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  12. Wow that's amazing Jillian Dolllars, I wish I lived in NYC!!!