Kooba SALE!

  1. Ok I don't know if this is the place to tell of great deals but I was on the Revolve Clothing last night and a ton of their awesome Kooba bags are on sale-just wanted to pass it on!! :tup:
  2. Oh we know...we know. And we are all suffering for it...LOL
    Usually we post that stuff in The Great finds Thread up at top of the page but some sales are just too good not to mention everywhere. Some of those Revolve bags have already sold out and been removed. They are going to go fast.
  3. Lexie is right, we are definitely suffering. I've wanted a Jillian for a while now and couldn't resist them on the Revolve Clothing website as it accepted the first time buyer's 30% discount code, so I ordered two (sand and bourbon)!
  4. Yes, 'll have to get the card out now! yikes! there are a lot of cool bags if I happen to buy one I will post it! :yes: