Kooba Renee

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  1. i know this was popular last year but i just ordered this today. couldn't resist the amazing sale price at NM!

    what do you think? do you think it's tacky to carry an "out of season" bags which it was on sale for more than 50%?

    i usually stick to buying classic bags (LV, Gucci, etc) so i feel a bit self conscious about getting a trendy one.

    oh and since i didn't see this in RL i will also appreciate some feedback. i did search and read a few posts and can't wait to get mine.

  2. If it's Tacky to carry an out of season handbag then I am the tackiest that they come. I have bought most of my Koobas past their season so I can get a hundred or more dollars discount. And I still carry all of them, out of their prime or not. The Renee is a nice bag but if you are more worried about trend then it probably won't make you happy.

    It brings up an interesting question but does a handbag to most people equal Trend or equal passion?
  3. I think if you like it, enjoy it. I mostly stick to classic bags as well but once in a while, I see something that is more trendy and I am just drawn to it so I get it. Enjoy it. It's a great bag. I saw this one IRL and the leather was so soft and squishy.