Kooba Renee...anyone?


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Jan 7, 2006
I was wondering if anyone owns a Kooba Renee? Today, I splurged at NM and picked up a Renee in Mocha/Champagne. Not sure if I should keep it. The whipstich is in a gorgeous light metallic pewter. I tried on the Sienna, but found it a bit heavy for my shoulder - however, loved the style.:love: Big bags are in (according to my SA) so I was convinced to get the Renee. Any opinions? Thank you!
I have the Renee and absolutely love it! Don't you just love the interior??!?!?! I think it's a fantastic bag and sees more "action" than any of my current other bags right now.

I don't think NM's pictures do it justice. I love the texture and softness of the leather, the metallic stiching. I was a little wary about the side two braids that close the side pockets, but looking at them closer makes me appreciate them more too!

I would absolutely keep this bag. I had originally bought the Marcelle and was disappointed in how the color was compared to the picture.
SwankyMamaof3 said:
Is this it:
Yes! That is IT!

I agree, NM pictures do not do it justice! I went to NM hoping to pick up a Sienna (which they were, of course, out of:amuse: ) and was hooked on this bag. And yes, BalenciagaLove, the interior is TDF!

Sassy, the smell is wonderful! Will it go away?:sad: Hope not!

BagLovingMom, I tried to dig up my old NM Christmas Book to see a pic...can't find mine. Oh well:shame:

I appreciate all your help in convincing me to keep this beauty. I am truly a LV and Balenciaga lover. I am stepping out of the box on this one...maybe that's why I am hesitating. I could get another LV for the price! An ALL leather bag is always a bonus, however!

Wow, you guys are so great! Please keep the opinions coming. I'm giving myself until this weekend to keep or return!
hello :biggrin:
mmm well dear i dont own this.. nor saw it in person.. but.. i am gonna judge it based on the pic.. so here goes..

i looooove the color! and as u said.. leather bags are always a plus..
and i love the stiches.. a nice casual touch..


the shape mmm :oh: i dont know.. not my REAL type :sad:
but maybe i am wrong.. it looks so stuffed in the picture.. but IRL.. when u empty it.. how does it look like :nuts:

and what i am concerned about most.. is it comfortable to carry on ur shoulder? when u put all of ur stuff inside.. and carried it.. what was the result of that test :amuse: ?
Hi Vanilla! Thank u for your honest thoughts:biggrin:
The picture definately is not flattering at all for this bag - a bit over stuffed. Take out the stuffing, and ta da! It is smooshy and flattens somewhat against my body. Very comfortable on the shoulder considering the size. Light weight to begin with so when I add my ton of things, it is still ok in weight. The inside has these fabulous side pockets and the outside has deep pockets on each side. The double straps are wide and soft. My shoulders are the worst for double straps.:sad2: Most never stay on.:worried: This one actually sticks!:love: I should love it just for that!

LOL BagLovingMom! Ok, no sequel...it's a keeper! Thanks!;)
I don't own any koobas, but I love their designs. I think it's a really fun bag without being obnoxious. It's a good color and I like the shape of it, I bet it looks even better when it's not so stuffed. I'm glad you're going to keep it!