Kooba Renee and Taylor

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  1. Okay, I know that pictures should be posted in 'Pictures of your Koobas' thread, but it seems that posting here is useful when people are doing a search for a particular bag and photos.

    On Wednesday I received two beauties..... a Kooba Renee from Nunnla and a Kooba Taylor from Huskylover (listed on eBay). These bags are stunning and so totally 'me'.

    Nunnla was fantastic to deal with, fab communication at all times and amazingly quick to ship, a kind and wonderful lady. The Renee arrived on my desk in Saudi Arabia in five days...amazing! This bag looks brand new. Thanks must also go to the Renee's previous owner, Lexie, for taking such great care of her.

    Huskylover was wonderful and great to communicate with (give those new Husky puppies a hug for me please and keep me posted re their progress). She had fantastic photos of the Taylor on eBay, so how could I resist? She was also kind enough to send the Taylor to me in Saudi Arabia, and it was another quick delivery and arrived on the same day as the Renee, so it was a fabulous Wednesday afternoon for me at work. The Taylor, like the Renee, looks brand spanking new and both bags match perfectly. I'm absolutely delighted and thank Nunnla and Huskylover for making me feel like a pig in mud for the past few days, I love both bags equally.

    The photos do not do the bags justice, the color is much more beautiful in real life. They are not as dark brown and shiney, they're actually a subtle sateen type finish and the mocha color is wonderful, a milky chocolate, very 'distressed and used' type of look, which is fantastic. I'm definitely in love with them.
    Renee & Taylor.JPG Renee.JPG Taylor.JPG
  2. Congratulations are in order...Wow! You must have been thrilled as it was a special day times two. I also have the Renee and it is my favorite bag. It holds so much, shows very little wear with the distressed leather, is soft and comfortable to carry. My niece loved mine and I was able to find one for her last Christmas. She's crazy about it, too. I'm glad that you were able to find both of the bags...and in such great condition. Enjoy your Renee and Taylor...carry them in good health!
  3. Wow! They are absolutely *stunning*! You must be unbelievably thrilled!

    Congratulations! :yahoo:
  4. 2 more beautiful Kooba hobos! I love that whipstitching!

    Kooba does hobos so well, I hope there are more to come with the new line!
  5. How utterly fabulous are those!!!!!???? I'm so proud of you~~~~!! :heart::heart:
    Wear them in good health!
  6. Thanks for the kind words, Mini. I'm glad you like the Renee. That Taylor from Huskylover is gorgeous, too. Love the braided zipper pull. They look like sisters.
  7. The Taylor doesn't look as small as I thought thankfully. The lady who I bought mine from is actually recovering from neck surgery (!!!) and was able to ship it off finally last Friday..so I'm waiting in anticipation.
    What was I thinking by selling my Renee earlier this year....??
  8. Wow, beautiful. Hey! My Renee looks pretty darn good. Can I have it back???? LOLOL That bag sure has made the rounds.
  9. The Taylor is definitely more roomy than I expected. Mind you, hobos spoil us with such a long zipper and large opening.

    Ciatta, I now know why you and your niece are mad about your Renees. I'm really liking Kooba totes now.

    Lexie, the Renee and Taylor are here to stay. I seriously adore them both.
  10. Truly beautiful, Mini, you lucky girl!:heart: Wear them both in good health, I'm sure you'll get plenty of compliments!!
  11. Congratulations Mini! They're beautiful.
  12. You got the Renee ~ congratulations! Both bags look beautiful! Enjoy your beauties:tup:
  13. Sorry for digging up this older thread, but question to minimouse - how did you break in your Taylor? I notice that yours is pretty slouchy and looks softer. Oh, and did you treat it with something?
  14. Katscorps, I actually had only just bought it when I took the photos, but it arrived 'like new' from a friend of mine, and was already slouchy. I haven't treated it with anything so far as I'll have to get some Wilsons when I'm next in the States.
  15. Excellent. Thanks so much for the info, Minimouse! I just got one, and I am very excited to get it. Your report just makes me even more so.