KOOBA red Elisha is HERE! :)

  1. Well I received my brand spanking new KOOBA Elisha in red today...WOW..what a nice bag!!! I am so impressed by the quality!!! Its super soft/squishy leather and the dull/rosey red color is amazing!!! I LOOOVE it already and I haven't even carried it yet!! It has to be my fave purse purchase so far! :yahoo:
  2. So happy for you. Enjoy the beauty. Pics please..:smile:
  3. Yes, pictures please!
    That leather is wonderful isn't it? And the shade of red, gorgeous!
  4. Isn't it wonderful? One of my favorite bags. Stellar leather and the color is spectacular! Congratulations!
  5. Yes, post modelling pics stat! :yes:
  6. Congrats Bacardi girl. Mine is high up on my list of favorites. The color is so unique. I think it's the BEST Number One Pick of the Spring line.
  7. Congrats Heidi! The red Elisha is such a knockout..... can't wait to see some pics!
  8. Great choice, the red leather looks simply wonderful on Elishas. Would love to see pics.
  9. I will post pics (modeling pics, even) this weekend!!!

  10. BacardiGirl - Congratulations!

    ...and thank you!

    Why, you say? Because I have wanted a Red Elisha for months and it sold out everywhere. Then you mentioned where you ordered yours. I went right there and ordered one for myself. :yahoo: We are lucky girls! The red leather Elisha is a fabulous bag.
  11. Congrats! I love the Elisha & look forward to seeing it modeled in red.
  12. AWEOME Jburgh, you will LOVE IT!!
  13. Yes! That bag is very beautiful, indeed.
  14. here are some pics!


    with my parents

    with the BF
  15. Fab-U-LOus!!!