Kooba ready-to-wear

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  1. Hi all, I'm not getting any responses in the wardrobe forum so I'll ask here. Does anyone own a Kooba jacket? I'm looking for some feedback on sizing--do they run small? I'm eyeing a Kooba jacket (non-leather) and not sure if I should order a small or medium. I do wear a size small in Juicy outerwear but in Theory, I'm in between sizes - small is snug and medium is not fitted enough. Hope someone can help. Thanks!
  2. Hi Cathryn!

    I have a Kooba jacket, it's the motorcycle one from one season ago I think. I got a small one but I am normally a medium. But, I don't think they run big because my friend has a medium hooded tab jacket and I fit that one too and it doesn't look too big.

    Hope this helps
  3. Yes, this does help. Thanks so much! The jacket is at Bloomingdales.com and wasn't aware the extra 30% sale is over. :sad: