Kooba Purse in Purple

  1. Has anyone seen the Kooba purse in the deep purple color? Do you know where to find it. I'm not very up-to-date on my Kooba bags. I know that this bag was very cool and I saw it in a magazine I was flipping through the other night. Wondered if anyone knows which bag I'm talking about and where to find it. Prices are helpful too :smile:
  2. Maybe you're talking about the Kooba Paige in Raisin?


    Shop | Kitson Boutique

    Kitson is the one legit online store that I know of that still has them in stock. But there are others on the forum that are huge Kooba experts and can tell you more.
  3. No this isn't it. The purse I'm referring to is Barney purple. That's the only way I can describe it. I need to scan the magazine or something so everyone can see it. I appreciate you helping me though.
  4. Is it a smaller squarish bag with rounded button like studs? They call the color plum if this is the bag. It's a 2005 I think. That's the only purple Kooba I can recall.

    Was it this bag only in purple. This is the Daniela.