Kooba Parker?

  1. Does anyone own a Kooba Parker?
    Any pics and how do you like it?
  2. I just got one..Oh it's a LOVELY bag! The patent leather is so soft and I would say it's a very discreet patent too. The bag is large enough to put a small child in, yet it doesn't feel heavy and stays on my shoulder very well. It's easy to get into and it's also beautiful.

    I've had tons of compliments on it! If you get one, you won't be sorry.
    Parker2.jpg Parker3.jpg Parker4.jpg Parker5.jpg
  3. so cute
  4. That is a lovely bag. Tell me, does patent leather take different care than other Kooba leathers?
  5. They also have regular leather now. The ink and straw colors are very nice.
  6. I guess I honestly don't know? I haven't had a need to care for it yet, but I should find out, I suppose. Right now, just wiping it w/a soft cloth seems to do the trick.
  7. wow! Looks amazing! Thanks for the pics...do you have any pics with it on your shoulder?
    ugh...now I really want one :wtf:
  8. Beautiful bag! Love the sister Natasha too.