Kooba Paige???

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  1. Does anybody have experience with the Kooba Paige? Looks big, comfy and durable ... Not keen on the python embossed, but the lambskin looks yummy!

  2. I love this bag! I went back to a recent Kooba Sample Sale in NYC in hopes of getting this bag after much consideration, but they were sold out!! It is beautiful in person and in lambskin, to die for.
  3. Hi Sue,
    I don't have any experience with the Kooba Paige but here is a pic to give you the idea of its size. If you look at shopbop.com it also gives a detailed description of the bag.

  4. I have it in the color Bourbon in the lambskin and I love it. Peggy
  5. OK! I bit the bullet and ordered it in raisin!!!!!!!! With next day shipping!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. Wonderful! I think that color is unusually pretty. Let us know how you like it.
  7. Weird! I'm exactly the opposite on this one. I dont really like this bag at all. Maybe it's the pebbling or the shape? It looks just a bit too casual considering the price tag. I think the python ebano is what saves it!
    I generally love Koobas, but I'm not a fan of this bag really.
  8. I am intriqued by the Paige but it also seems a little too Casual or shapeless to me. They are coming out with a small version of this bag later this Spring. I forget it's name. It's like My Jillian which is half the size of the Ada. Then I may be interested. The Paige itself is just way to big for me for everyday practical use but I love all Koobas.
    Oh, and I may be in the minority but the Raisin Color is TDF. My Avatar Jessie is in Raisin. Took me a few days to get used to it and then it's just ingrained that such a weird unique color that seems a little odd is so gorgeous.
  9. I also have it in Bourbon and I LOVE it!!!
  10. The Jessie IS Fantastic! i REALLY like both the Paige and the Jessie.

    I have both now thanks to that NYC sample sale - in python embosses...I actually think I LOVE the python in Rose BETTER than my brownish Paige in the pebbled lambskin I believe. Love both. But I'm addicted.
  11. Tell me about the Python bags. I have never been drawn to them. I have this feeling that the scaly looking leather would flake off. Could it? The Rose is definitely pretty.
    Gee, I wish I could get to a Sample Sale.
  12. I have long admired this bag. :love:

    Good luck!! And show us some pics! :smile:
  13. Lexie2000....I think the raisin would be just gorgeous. Letting my husband decide what bag I get for Christmas. This should be interesting. I hope he picks this one!!:yahoo: