KOOBA Paige - should I or...

  1. Hey ladies,
    Been looking at the KOOBA Paige online and debating whether I like the Ebano or Ivory. The ivory is gorgeous, but I keep hearing horror stories about the care and maintenance of the color/leather. The Ebano has the cool python-pattern, but doesn't appear as soft.
    Then, it comes down to my next dilema; does the Paige look too much like the Botkier Sasha Duffle? (I have one of those)
  2. I just saw a Sasha on eBay for the first time. I don't think it looks like the Paige. I've not had any problems with my Ivory or cream bags. I treat everything with Wilson's before I use it - maybe that's why? Dunno ... maybe I've just been lucky. The Ivory and Java Paige bags are smooth leather and substantively soft. The python is also kind of soft - at least it was on the the Angie, Ryan and rose python Jessie - but a totally different feel.
  3. Hi Bacardi, I have the Jessie in Ebano and is surprisingly soft! I use it quite a bit and it will get broken in with time.
  4. I don't think the Paige looks like Sasha.

    I do have a couple of ivory Koobas and I love them. But you do need to be careful. If its going to be an every day bag, I think I'd go with the ebano.
  5. Youngster is right. Everyday bag, Ebano is probably a better choice but the ivory is gorgeous. I just don't carry mine everyday but then again, I don't think I carry anything every day - too fickle - plus I'm a definite OCD - got to match the outfit.
  6. You and me Nunnla! I change my bag out everyday, depending on what I'm wearing. So, my ivory Koobas do stay really nice. Honestly though, right now, I'm so enjoying my desert Sienna, I'm picking out my clothes to go with that bag so I can keep carrying it!
  7. ITA...the ivory is gorgeous but I'd go with the ebano hands down. LOVE that Paige!!
  8. I'm doing the same with my desert Sienna, youngster! She will go back into hibernation come f/w so she needs to get out a lot in the next few weeks. ;) :heart: Hopefully I'll be on the WA coast the last week of August so if that works out she'll be by my side the entire time :supacool:.
  9. I'm with Alberta Mommy there.....we both have the ebano Jessie's (mine is python embossed, and I can't remember if AM's is, (sorry..), but that is the route you should go. You'll love it. The leather is awesome! And that color is just droolworthy!
  10. I went to my local Bloomingdales and Nordstroms last night (At Mall of America..ick, I hate that place)...their selection was less than drool-worthy! Nords was better, had the nicer brands, but not a very good selection per brand. Bloomingdales had no Koobas, Gusttos, Chloe, nothing! Ack, I guess I will have to stick to online shopping!!
  11. So we're Sienna twins right now! I'll stay out of Seattle so you can have the whole city to yourself. LOL.

    Have a great time on the coast. Just make sure that bag doesn't get wet!
  12. I am leaning towards ordering the Ebano Paige on ActiveEndevours since its on sale for $452 AND I worry about color transfer onto the ivory.
  13. We're on the same wavelength, youngster. That's what I did with metallic army Sienna last week and now white Devin this week. Next week I'm going to wear things to match red Elisha.
  14. Oh lovely red Elisha! I droool over that one. I bought a white Elisha (got a good deal from lninos since I was needing something bright white and the ivory color wasn't doing it). It's a really pretty, feminine bag.
  15. Any ideas as to where I could find a hot Kooba in wine or burgandy??