Kooba Paige - should I keep the Ebano or Bourbon?

  1. Hey I need your help & opinions!

    I bought the Kooba Paige in pebbled leather, color Bourbon first.
    I like this bag b/c it's large and the style is just so nice w/ the buckles and all.... however...paid around $400 for it online

    I got the Ebano Python Paige at the Kooba Sample Sale and paid only $225 for it.

    I don't need two of the same bag...thinking...which one do you think is better?

    (I shoudn't mention this but I will....isn't the camel colored Paige that just came out GORGEOUS??? IT'S A LIGHT BEIGE --- think it scratches easily though).
  2. I would keep both, I really like the style, and you got such great prices, plus the colors are sufficiently different.
  3. With the two leathers and different colors, I'd keep both! ;) The pebbled leather's so rich and full of character and the python embossed is sleek. It's like you have two different bags.

    BTW - I have it in raisin and it's my most-carried bag at the moment. :yes:
  4. We need to see pics! I haven't seen the ebano in person, so I would love a pic of them side by side before I decide! (Say that three times fast!)
  5. Here's the 2 pics. In this case I like the Ebano better. But I love the thick pebbled leather too. It is like 2 different bags one being a little dressier. I can't decide which I'd sell. I never cared for the Ebano bags that much but the Paige in it is beautiful.


  6. I like the darker one.

    BTW where was the kooba sale??

    Hilda :smile:
  7. I like the ebano from that pic, but I would have to see a "real" pic to know what it looks like in person. The color looks really nice! The other one is a bit orange.
  8. If you have to pick one (because they are both really nice) I would go with the ebano...I like that colour, so rich looking!
  9. I have been looking at the Paige in Ebano on ActiveEndevours and also an ivory one on eBay. The eBay one is less expensive, but wonder if that color would be too high maintenance. HELP!! Thoughts, ideas?
  10. Ooooh thats a tough one.

    I would probably keep the Bourbon if it was me, because I love the colour and the pebbled leather.
    The Ebano snakeskin print is a little too shiny looking for me.

    However both are really nice bags! :yes:
  11. personally i would keep the ebano, although they are both nice colors, but the ebano looks so rich
  12. I've seen great photos of the Paige in bourbon and I have to say that's what would appeal to me. I guess it all depends on your wardrobe and style, maybe that will give you a clue as to which color Paige would suit your lifestyle.

    I vote for you to take pics of both side by side, so we can make a comparison and recommendation. You know how we love to see pics of bags.
  13. Keep both!!! You won't regret it getting them for great prices!
  14. It depends on your lifestyle I think. If you are mindful of the white bag and make sure you treat it with a leather protector first then I think it would be a nice bag. But Not as a main everyday bag. You really need both :smile:)
  15. The more I think about it, the more I think you should keep both. The bourbon is nice and casual whereas the ebano is smarter. Be a devil and treat yourself to both.