Kooba Paige @ Saks....On Sale...Hurry!

  1. Kooba Paige at Saks for $270.50..with 10% off code of weleml0607...for a total of $274.53...in black! I just ordered one and they have a few more. Sorry I didn't add the link but I'm on my way to a dental appt. (I shouldn't have been shopping!) Good luck!
  2. I just logged on and it doesn't appear to be on sale!! It's still listed at $645.
  3. ^ Looks like they are gone!
  4. i got one of the last ones!
  5. I ordered one a week or so ago, and it came today! Too cute! keep checking!
  6. I got one too!
  7. You know....I just can't seem to win with Saks!! I tried again, but couldn't get the Kooba Paige. Saks also reduced the Leather Bowler Bag by Marc Jacobs, but......that one was gone too. Tried calling their CS #, but was told that all stores were sold out! I keep telling myself that I have bought toooo many bags this last month, but when the prices are this low, it's a sin not to get them ALL!!!!!I think this forum has created a lot of monsters....everyone on here seems to be doing the same thing.
  8. Darn it! I'm always too late.

    I tried this bag on at Saks at full price and didn't get it a few months ago. I really loved it. It felt great and was comfortable on.

    Please let me know if you see it on sale again.

  9. There are several Paiges on eBay by VIPFASHIONS and Hautechick1 for around 470.00. Both of these sellers have a reputation for authentic bags.