Kooba Paige Owners,I Need Your Help

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  1. Thanks for all of the responses on the the "work bag suggestion" thread. I am now seriously considering either the Lena or the Paige. Thanks Halzer for the pics of your new Lena. Can those of you who have the Paige please post some pics with it on your shoulder. Also-I'm only about 5' 2", will the Paige be too big. I :heart: the look of the Paige.
  2. I don't have pictures, but I own a paige in bourbon. I'm 5' 3" and it's not too big for me, however, I never ever carry it. It's really roomy which I love and very pretty to look at, but it is soooo heavy. I was at bloomingdales the other day and I picked up a Paige in Khaki and it didn't feel as heavy. Maybe I'm just a wimp, but I would rather carry my Anna Corinna lady duffle anyday. (It's my bag that is about the same size and color)
  3. it is a bit heavy but i wouldnt say its horrible

    the ADA now that was crazY! it was 20 lbs empty :smile: the paige isnt very heavy but of course since it is a big bag, the more you put in it,, the heavier it gets :smile:
    for me though even fully loaded it is totally workable, i mean i prob. wouldnt want to carry it fully loaded for hours but to school, from class to class home its fine :smile:

    here are pics ( i am 5'4 and voluptuous ;) )
    and here it is with the elisha
  4. I've got both the Lena and the Paige and I LOVE the Paige. I'm 5'4" and it's not too big at all! Mine's in raisin and the color is yummy!