Kooba Paige...love it or leave it??

  1. I am considering buying a Kooba:heart: Paige but have not seen nor felt one in the stores as of yet. I need a big tote for some occasions. My other Koobas are a Maria in terraine and a Braeden in black.

    For those of you who own a Paige, do you love it or leave it? And why?

    This is a great way for us newbies to see the real functionality and beauty of a handbag if we cannot see one in person.

  2. I don't have the Paige but I love Kooba and their bags. I especially like it in the color "raisin". Karizma Boutique has it in Java and Khaki-plus if you use the code "Toutie30%" you'll get 30% off the price which brings it down from $645 to $451.50. Hope you find one!:yes:
  3. I have a Kooba "Sarah" in saddle tan (they call it toast). It is durable leather but I will tell you they tend to be very heavy, even empty. It's the hardware of course. I hear from Paige owners that they are very heavy also.

    Just FYI. However they are well made, well constructed bags and I expect my Sarah to last for years.