kooba paige in khaki color

  1. I saw the Kooba in khaki at Bloomingdales and really like the color. But I'm wondering how it will hold up...will it get dirty and worn looking quickly. I don't change purses frequently...may use the same one for a month or more at a time. I like this neutral color but can someone who has one tell me if it's too high maintenance?
  2. Kitty, I don't know that any of us have a Kooba in Khaki or if so I haven't heard it. Maybe someone will pop in and let us know.
  3. Don't know much about the Khaki colour, but that Paige is a great shape! (just a tad too heavy for me..)
  4. I have the Paige in khaki. I've been carrying it for over a month now. I don't baby my bags and it's holding up very well. It got rained on a couple of times and it dried beautifully... no spots. The leather is very soft and I think the biggest danger would be in scratching or scuffing. So far for me, no problems. You could use a good leather protectant but I haven't even done that.

    I absolutely LOVE this bag. It opens very wide and it's easy to see everything in there, and I carry a lot of stuff.
  5. I think the Paiges are known for being workhorses, too. They tend to hold up well and any 'wear and tear' only makes them look broken in and more beautiful.
  6. The Paige just wasn't ever on my list because for an everyday bag, it's too big for me.
    Have you ever read the other threads about the certain insect of the Arachnid variety that this bag looks like???? LOLOL Just don't get one in black!!! I'd be afraid it would get fuzzy!:lol:
  7. LOL, I agree! Total tarantula bag it would be.:wtf:
  8. Thank you Larsue....you're making me more interested in this bag...I think I'm going to have to have another look. As I said, I really like this neutral color and the casual yet classy look of it. My concern is that to me $650 is a lot for a bag. I have the money but I'm wondering if I should get a less expensive light colored bag for spring/summer and save the bigger purchase for fall/winter and get a darker color. But I'm in San Diego and we basically have 8 months of spring/summer-like weather. You can see I'm rationalizing and obsessing. Thanks for your help.
  9. sdkitty - If you're in San Diego the Paige would be a great bag because of it's casual look. I live in the 'burbs and rarely go anywhere dressy, so the Paige is a bag I can use all day, every day. I just love mine. I wouldn't hesitate to tell you get one.

    I bought mine brand-new on eBay for less than $500, including shipping. You can find some reputable dealers over there and the Paige isn't hard to find. My seller was vipfashions.

    And yes, it DOES look like a tarantula but I don't mind. She's a beautiful tarantula. Having the khaki color helps offset the spider-look. :p
  10. Larsue, post pics of your green tarantula! :graucho:
  11. I'm going to have another look at it today, feel the weight of it, etc. Thanks for the tip about getting one on eBay. I usually like to buy at a store where I can take home and try out and then return if I change my mind. But $100+ is a good savings. I do think living in San Diego and working in an office where we don't dress up that much, I could get a lot of use out :smile: of this bag. I'm hoping Bloomingdales will have some storewide event where I could save 15% and that would bring it closer to what you paid. Thanks again!

  12. I saw this bag at Nordstrom and fell in love too. I did notice that the leather was a different color under the front flap - as if the whole bag had faded while on display and the leather under the flap was the original color.:confused1: I resisted eBay for that reason because I didn't want to risk ending up with one with color problems and be unable to return it. If I hadn't found another light colored bag I would still be on the hunt for a khaki Paige on sale and then treat it if recommended to prevent fading.

    Still I hope you get one - it's a stunning bag!!
  13. Hi Blugenie
    I went back to Bloomies and the SA said they have a friends and family event coming up and I can get 20% off...so I had her hold one for me. I had a bit of a dilemma on two counts...one, it's a bit heavy. But I like it so much and think it will be very functional with the pockets. Secondly, while I didn't notice the fading you talk about, it seemed like the three bags they had were each slightly different in color. So I selected the one that looked like it had been handled less. Then as I was leaving the store, I noticed that the third one was quite a bit different in color than the first two. But I'd just about worn out the SA. So if they still have that one when I go back and can take another look. It's hard sometimes being OCD.
  14. LOL you sound just like me picking out bags - sometimes too many choices makes you crazy! I agree it's a heavy bag... I think the summer bags have canvas interiors so they are lighter, but it's just not the same as the khaki and pink combo. :love: 20% off sounds fantastic - and you can play with the bag at home and see if it really works for you. :yes:
  15. Hi Blugenie
    I had a thought about what you said about fading....what if the reason why they bags look different from each other is that one or more of the 3 is faded?...when I go back I'll have to check under the flap. And bringing home and playing with them, putting my stuff in, etc. is almost a must for me.