Kooba Paige Bourbon $258

  1. At www.jessieboutique.com this bag is 50% off. Use code toutie for an additional 20% off. Sorry if this is a repeat post!
  2. Great price! If only they would use encryption on their website.:sad:
  3. Great price! It's a beauty but way too large for me as I had to send back the one that I got recently from Saks. They also have a black Jessie for 30% off. Thanks for posting this sale!
  4. tnx for the tip!
  5. I was so ready to buy it, but then realized that they don't ship to Canada!! :cursing: So frustrating, I could get it shipped to a friend in Florida I guess, such a hassle though!
    Thanks for the info anyways!
  6. thanks for the website and code!!
  7. Great prices!
  8. Great deal. I was so tempted to grab Paige, but I am trying to hold off for the Kooba Nicole bag. My Avery is on its way. What can brown do for me? Deliver my bag tomorrow! :p
  9. Has anyone ordered from this site? Are they a reputable seller? I am soooo tempted to order :p
  10. Calla, several TPF members ordered from there already. It's definitely reputable. Since there wasn't anything I really wanted, I passed it along to my bestfriend and she ordered the Kooba Lucy in Black right away for only $238 total.
  11. Thanks BabyK! I have it in my cart.....ahhhhh! :nuts:
  12. Ack, I ordered! :nuts: I hope they ship fast....does anyone know which carrier they use to ship? It looks like USPS- hopefully Priority Mail! :yes:
  13. Nice!! Hope you'll like it. Post pics when you get it :smile:.

    OH and it's gone now so you must've got the last one.
  14. I hope I like it too :smile: I will definitely post pics when it comes! :biggrin:
  15. PS- Wow I can't believe I got the last one! :amazed: