Kooba Paige $155 after coupon at Saks Off YMMV

  1. Finally, I went to Saks Off and bought white Carla.
    They also have Kooba Paige in black pebbled leather for just $209.99 - 30% coupon + tax. (picture is stolen from eBay)


    Check your local Saks Off.
  2. That's a great price!!
  3. great deal
  4. Did they have any Jillians in black? if so, what off 5th store had them?
  5. I went yesterday to the Off Fifth in Atlanta and bought a new Prada leather tote in red. Marked at $689 and waked out with it under $500. Am going to try and have it autenticated though, as Prada Psycho said that some people buy the real thing and then return a fake. How low can these people go....:cursing:
  6. Yesterday I returned my chestnut Carla-I like it, but I had just gotten my red Elisha two weeks ago. Now a Prada. I HAVE GOT TO STOP! Bags have become an obsession!:rolleyes:
  7. Oh, yes...it can quickly become an obsession. Better nip it in the bud before it's too late.
  8. Which Off Saks? I am in the DC area, and didn't see any Paiges at the one at Arundel Mills. Only the floral embossed Siennas and some other bags.
  9. Leesburg, VA. I put one bag on hold yesterday for 24 hours but I'm not getting it (it should be released later today). Also, I saw orange crescent Bulga, quite scratched, for $199.
  10. GREAT price!!! I love this bag!
  11. Thanks, novo! That's the one I usually go to, but haven't been in a month or so. Hopefully, I will have some handbag luck the next time I'm out there.
  12. great deal!
  13. Thanks Novo, you're a sweetie. I got it. The SA even let me use the coupon over the phone. It's being mailed tomorrow :yahoo: :wlae:
  14. DC-Cutie, congratulations! Nice bag.
  15. That's great, DC-Cutie! Do you know if they had more than one?