Kooba owners - what bags do you have?

  1. Share your Kooba inventory here :biggrin:
    Oh and Kooba wishlists also encouraged.
  2. Have: Jillian & Elisha
    Have had & sold: Renee & Scarlett

    REALLY, REALLY WANT: Maria in terraine
  3. I have:
    Maria in Terraine
    Frankie in Bourbon
    Braedon in Black
    and just ordered Bonnie in Red

    I want:
    Jillian in either Black or Sand
    and maybe Keira in Auburn
    and something from their Fall 07 intros (hey, I am thinking ahead).
  4. Come on girls, what Koobas do you have and/or want?
  5. I have:
    Sienna in Moss
    Nisha in Toffee
    Renee is distressed brown leather w/champagne laces
    Mackenzie in black

    Have had:
    Lena in black
    Paige in black

    Elisha in red or black
    Frankie in Raisin
    Marcelle in black
    Nicole in rose or luggage
  6. Stop me if I am boring someone, but I am just goofy over a Jillian, and I love all the colors, but am leaning toward Bourbon.
  7. Jillian is a great little bag! I "fondled" one at Saks today but they only had it in black. I also saw the Elisha and Bonnie for the first time and they are gorgeous! They are much lighter in weight than the earlier bags. Ah...to have whatever we desire...for you that would be a Jillian, no doubt.
  8. ........sigh.............................
  9. I have Renee in distressed brown and white Sienna. I'm liking the Elisha or Bonnie in red - I'd like to see IRL before deciding if I like enough to buy!
  10. I am a soon to be Kooba owner! I just ordered a Devin a blonde from Active Endeavors. It's supposed to arrive next Weds. Can't wait!
  11. Oh, will you let us know how you like it? I'm dyeing to see that one.:yes:
  12. I will definitely keep you posted! I'm so excited. Can't wait to touch the leather!
  13. I have:

    Sienna in Ivory
    Lena in Black

    Would love to get hold of a newish Sienna i Cognac and I'm looking at the Nicole...(love all the colours)
  14. I was hoping to see one at Saks today but they didn't have them yet. Can't wait to hear your opinion on the Devin...it's a real looker.
  15. I have

    Braeden in black
    Embossed Sienna in brown
    Lucy in black
    my Jessie in antique rose is on its way!

    I may go and grab an Elisha in black or Nicole in luggage tomorrow. I want a Paige in raisin. My wish list is I want them all. I love every sinle one!