Kooba Orange patent Blake Question? HeLp...Defect?

  1. I purchased an orange patent Blake and it has little black pin prick dots all throughout the patent leather. I know that LV had difficulties with this happening to their vernis line, is this the same thing?

    Any Blake owners have this issue on their bags?

    I tried to take a pic, I will try for some more.
    I am wondering if I should return this?

    You can see the black dots more clearly on the lower right hand pic that is a close-up.
    June 2009 005.jpg June 2009 008.jpg
  2. Some more pics~
    June 2009 001.jpg June 2009 003.jpg June 2009 004.jpg
  3. Anyone? Should I return it? I purchased from the bay and the black spots were not listed in the auction.
  4. my amethyst patent blake had variations in the color, but no black spots. have you approached the seller about a possible discount for the defect not described in the auction?? I do love the color, its gorgeous.... good luck J! xoxo
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    ^^ Not yet...I wanted to get some opinions first. Thanks gypsy!:biggrin:

    I just sent her a message about the spots. They are all over the bag. I am concerned that they will get worse over time.
  6. Good luck doll! Keep us posted
  7. Same here, some variations in color with my amethyst Blake (I would not consider this a defect) but not 'dots'. I can just barely make a few out in one of your pics. If you're unhappy I would return it. In my experienced calling Kooba's customer service is a waste of time, they know nothing about the bags, I wonder if they are just a call center to take orders.

  8. I saw this on Shopbop. Would this also be patent? I have debated on getting an orange bag for a while....not sure.

  9. I took more pics of the dots in natural outside lighting and sent them to the seller. The spots were plain as day in natural close shots outside and she took a return. I think the bag was a defect, I do not think all of the bags have the spots and maybe it was an error in the leather process of glazing it?
  10. I'm currently carrying the orange Blake and have very few tiny black specs in the leather. There are so few I hadn't noticed until reading your post.
    I would say depending on how much you purchased it for on eBay, I wouldn't bother. You're probably the only one who has noticed them.
    But, if it bothers you that much send it back.
    As I said, mine are so few and so small I could probably count them on one hand. I am totally in love with mine. Good luck, I hope you can find peace with it.
  11. I, too have an orange Blake that I've been using all summer. No problem with black dots. Sorry you are not happy with your bag. I love mine.
  12. I saw that this recently got bumped and yes, the black dots were throughout the bag. I did receive a refund by the seller. The black dots were a manufacturer defect and were not noticed by the original owner, however I most definitely noticed them and they bothered me. Besides, if I fell out of love with the bag how could I ever resell the item as its defective? Anywhoo..I am glad others are enjoying their Blakes. This one was not meant for me is all..