Kooba or LV?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am deciding between two bags. Another member here has shown me beautiful pictures of her Scarlett Kooba in Army Metallic and I love it!:love: I am honestly a LV lover and am hooked on getting the Saleya PM. Which would you choose? I really don't want to get both.
    I appreciate any thoughts to help with my decision! Thank you so much!
  2. LV all the way! I like Kooba, but find it too trendy for way too much money ... besides, the Saleya is a winner! :nuts: Post pics so that I can drool if you get it!
  3. Not to be rude, but I can't believe you even asked this question. Kooba is nothing compared to LV. I vote LV...
  4. kooba is trendy. lv is classic.
  5. LV for sure!
  6. If you are a LV lover, as you said, go for it! You will probably regret getting a trendy bag such as Kooba when you get tired of it - a LV is always a classic and will last longer.
  7. LV no question:smile: I ordered the kooba sienna and sent it back-afraid it is just too trendy. An LV is timeless:love:
  8. At the risk of disagreeing with most of the rest of you, I say go for the Kooba. I have the Scarlett in army metallic, and get compliments on it constantly. I don't think it's all that trendy -- I think it's a nice classic style that will last for a while, and you won't see everyone else carrying it (in fact, I've yet to see anyone else with it). Everyone has LV. I say, be different!
  9. Hmm I like Kooba these days! I adore LV though, I think it boild down to old classy/trendy question. I have ordered the saleya MM, but the PM is so cute and functional too!
  10. Too different for me to compare.
    The Kooba is a trendy bag, BUT I don't think it's a trendy design. I think it's a classic enough item to not look out of place in a year from now.
    LV is totally timeless though.
  11. LV for sure. If you get tired of the piece, the resell value is there, and it's not nearly as trendy as Kooba. IMO, Kooba is also way too expensive given the fact that you're talking about a fairly basic leather that's stitched up in China. I like them, but I can't get over the price given that fact.
  12. I have to say, I have a Kooba Sienna in army metallic (it is really a lovely bronze color, I think), and it is a great everyday bag. I think the Scarlett is very similar, somewhat smaller bag. I'm just not an LV person, I don't like the monogramed canvas bags.

    I don't think "resale" when I buy bags, and I don't buy bags to admire them, I buy them to use them. Think about which bag you will really use the most, and buy that one!
  13. I would also say Kooba. It's leather and not copied to death. I am not really a LV lover. I bought one and that was enough for me, totally overpriced for a canvas bag that 9 out of 10 people are walking around with a copy.
  14. I was caught in the middle of the two also. I'm voting LV. When no one really likes the Kooba anymore, the LV will still be standing strong:smile:
  15. I am a HUGE Kooba fan as well as a HUGE LV fan. I have several of both. If you have to pick just one, I would choose LV. You can dress the LV up or down, even if it's the Damier line. But the Kooba can't be dressed up as much. It's more of a casual bag. Maybe you can get both? If you wait long enough, some Koobas go on sale at www.shoppingallure.com.