kooba or Juicy?

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  1. Juicy...........the Kooba is too old for a 16 year-old. Juicy would look fabulous!!
  2. I like the Juicy!!
  3. In this case (smack my mouth) I'll say the Juicy. It's really nice and more fitting. Yesterday I thought Kooba for sure but I would never opt for a cream colored Kooba. Your denim jeans will turn it blue in no time.
  4. juicy
  5. kooba
  6. I prefer the Juicy. :yes:
  7. I think neither. That Juicy looks pretty grown up. And I second what Lexie said about the purse transfer.
  8. I like the Juicy. I ususally don't like Juicy b/c it in general screams teenager, but this is a really stylish one.
  9. My vote is for Kooba. :yes: IMO Juicy bags are very poorly made and not worth the money, no matter how cute the style.
  10. Kooba. It will last longer than the Juicy in both style and function.
  11. Juicy!!
  12. Personally, I like the Kooba. I think Koobas are classier - and made better. :smile:
  13. Kooba
  14. kooba.
    it looks more sophisticated and very classic, so the style will stay IN. plus they are good quality.
    the juicy one looks heavy and too young.