Kooba OR Chloe?


Mar 17, 2006
I just got my Kooba Sienna bag in "cognac" this week - as I needed a new brown bag. It's okay, but i'm not sure how i'm feeling about it....

meanwhile......i've fallen in love with Chloe's "Edith" bag.

I'm thinking about returning the Kooba and putting the money towards the Edith - of course that's if I can even FIND an Edith bag :sad:

What would you do? Is the "Sienna" kinda over already? Or would it be a fun bag to keep for the summer?

I need advice!

I think the Edith is much more beautiful and, certainly, more expensive than Kooba Sienna. If you can afford it, go for the Edith. the leather beats Sienna anytime.
I'm not a huge Chloe fan. But the Sienna doesn't do it for me. If you can afford the Chloe--go for it. Btw, I saw that you're looking for one... One of the forum members saw one earlier this week at the Neiman Marcus in San Diego. Their number is 1-800-200-0522. You could give them a ring and see if they still have it.
The Edith is a nicer, higher quality bag. But, the Edith is substantially more expensive and very difficult to find.

In my opinion, the one major plus for the Sienna is the fact that you can wear it over your shoulder. The Edith is a pretty large bag to have to carry hand held. For that reason, the Sienna, I think, would be a more practical every-day bag.
beauxgoris said:
I'm just thinking that the Sienna is maybe a little "cowboy" for me - and that the Edith may be a style that would last me longer...

I think the Edith is a more timeless style. The Kooba Sienna is a little trendy. I don't like the gold "O" rings that connect the straps to the body of the bag. I purchased a cognac sienna but I ended up selling it on eBay since I was past the 7 day return period at the store I purchased it from.
This is like comparing apples to oranges. Definitely Chloe! The leather is one thousand times better and it will have much better resale value down the road should you decide to part with it.

I love the Edith but did not purchase only because I have the Paddingtons and other bags and knew the Edith wouldn't get enough use for the price tag. However, if I were a one or two handbags only type of person, Edith would definitely be a must-have bag!