Kooba on Sale @ Revolve

  1. I don't see any on sale?
  2. I saw 1 on sale.....
  3. I just saw a bunch. They've added tons of new stuff to the sale today. :smile: Also the bronze Foley & corinna city totes are super cheap, especially with the 20% off code.
  4. What is the code for the 20% off coupon?
  5. you can use this one for 20% off but it doesn't work on the restricted brands =(
  6. I ordered one last night, can't wait to get it!
  7. Is the red price the sale price?
  8. geesh for that price, I had to order a Mini City tote in bronze too. How could I not?
  9. i was thinking about getting an AC city tote since i wear my mini city so much, and i was thinking about the nonbronze tote for sale -- Revolve says it's gray, but the picture of it looks peach to me! does anyone know if the bag in gray is really that color?
  10. Hey everybody! I know how to get an extra 15% off of Kooba and the other "restricted" items. Go to the Revolve Classic site, put a Kooba in your shopping cart and enter "jt" in the promotions line and hit update. You should get an additional 15% off. I am old time Revolve buyer and have purchased many of their "restricted" items using this code. YOU MUST GO ONTO THE CLASSIC REVOLVE SITE.

    The way to get onto the classic revolve is to click on the designer you want. For eg. go to Kooba and the site displays 14 bags. At the top of the page, you have an option to increase the number of items displayed and to go to the classic site, pick classic and go from there. Let me know! Hope it works for all of you. The Aram in Black patent is a GREAT price right now.
  11. Lizardo -- I saw that too! That's a significant color difference, IMO. I ended up ordering the bronze metal on the revolve site -- didn't want to deal with returning the bag if it showed up a totally different color.

  12. Amanda......I was going back and forth too....I missed out on a Kooba I was eyeing (no discount) but thanks to Haute :tup: I snagged a Kooba t-tone layla for $266!!!
    Geezzzzz do i dare go back anf get the AC bronze city???? :nuts:
  13. Why of course!