Kooba on sale + coupon code

  1. www.graciesofbirminham.com has a nice selection of bags on sale, including Kooba paige, sloane, gretchen, jessie, lena. She also has some other brands which look nice. Use TOUTIE coupon code for 20% off everything, INCLUDING sale items... They're also offering free shipping for orders over $400. Good luck!
  2. how come the the site isn't working..

    eta: it's working now. it's birmingham.

    question. that site sells real kooba's correct?
  3. The site didn't work!!!
  4. try this link: Gracie's I left the 'g' out in the original posting. oops.
  5. Thanks for the tip. Does anyone know for sure if their items are authentic?
  6. Gracie's worked, thanks. Cute bags.
  7. Thanks. I hadn't had this site on my monitoring list. But it appears to have a good selection. The Kooba a sale plus the 20% off is a real bargain. That Ebano color on the "Paige" is a new release from last month.
  8. ^ yeah that's the python version.
  9. Thanks DiamondGirl1! I bought the Lena in Black, $400 total, no tax & free shipping. It's my first Kooba, I can't wait to get it!
  10. Just got the Kooba Lena in black last week, you'll love it!!:smile:
  11. Thanks DiamondGirl1.....I really appreciate the info. I have been looking all over for the Paige and was thrilled to find it in the python Ebano. With the coupon, the total came to 432.00. I am a happy camper. :love:

  12. Aww....no more Lenas. Just Sloanes. :sad:
  13. I love the Sloane style! :yes:

    What a great deal!! ;)