Kooba on sale at Active Endeavors

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  1. Hi All. I just wanted to let everyone know that some Kooba styles are on sale now. The "Sienna" bag in black and espresso is $417....
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. there's a Toutie code for them as well - 20% off when you enter toutie.

    Anyone tried this w/ them before? I wanted to see what it came out to and it wanted me to enter in my cc info first.
  4. Actually, I just purchased the Sienna. I did try the toutie code, but it did not let me apply it. (If you click on the "Online Policies" link and then choose Sales and Discounts, it states that discounts only apply to non-sale items.)
  5. hmmm, I figured that. So then I went and added in a regular priced one as well and it still never prompted me before asking for my money{?}
  6. Yes, unfortunately, it seems that if you buy online, you'll have to enter your credit card info first before you get to the screen where you can enter the coupon code. Do you know if they accept phone orders? I wonder if you mention the code to them first, then they can give you the price before you actually place the order?
  7. Maybe, good question!