Kooba Nina Question

  1. Is the Nina a new style? If so, approximately how long is a bag out before it goes on sale? For example, how long have the Ginger and Carlas been out?

    Revolve Clothing has the brown metallic Ginger, Carla and Maria on sale and several colors in Sloane, as well as a few other styles on sale (plus the 30% off for a first-time customer is helpful) and I am SO tempted.

    But I just bought a Bulga with tassles, and I feel the Carla would be overkill on the tassle idea right now, so I will wait for the Nina. But how long must I pine for it? And what are the odds of any being left in black by the time they go on sale? Probably zero, right?
  2. The bag is on sale.....on eBay. But the good news is all the Nina's on eBay are authentic (For the time being!). I got mine from LNinos for 280 but he may have given me a deal because I bought so many bags from him. It could be 6 months before you see a sale depending on how successful the bag is. There aren't any sales on Siennas as you can see except the Embossed ones that didn't do so well.
  3. I should probably ask this in the authenticate thread, but designerwarehouse is a reputable seller?
  4. Lexie, has your Nina held up well? Have you had any problems with over-delicate leather, especially with the lighter grey colour? I am interested in the black one, but black can get pretty rough looking if it is easily scratched or scuffed, too.
  5. Sorry, I haven't used it yet. I compared it's leather to the Charlie and it feels sort of the same. Gives me a headache thinking about it. My husband loves the Nina and my plans for it are more of an evening going out bag since it is too small for all of my everyday stuff. But it hurts my head to think I used my Charlie 4 short days (and babied it!) and it got all of those marks.
  6. ^^^
    You know, Lexie, bags are really not supposed to be like that! I'm really upset with Kooba for making bags out of such fragile leather, no fun at all!:sad:

    We want to use our bags and show them off and feel they get a bit better with age in order to make them our own, how can you enjoy a bag if you're constantly worrying that every time you rub against something ever so slightly, it will leave a mark...? For $500-600 I think we have the right to expect a bit more!, look at the Balenciaga leather, just gets softer and better with age..maybe we should complain...:cursing:
  7. But I babied my B-Bag even more because the darn thing is so expensive. That's why I sold my two. I was nearly petrified by them. Oh but the leather....it truly was TDF.
  8. Yes, while I haven't seen one in person, the photos online make it appear that the Nina is a very soft lambskin. Luxurious to touch and look at, but very fragile. I don't really want a fragile bag, so perhaps I will wait to see what others think before making a decision. Thanks for your input!
  9. I just got out both bags (the Charlie & Nina) and compared. They are the same leather. The Slate color is going to hang in there better for spotting I believe BUT it will get the same little white scratches. I haven't even used this bag but it sports a VERY heavy chain. And I can see little scratches from where the chain strap rubbed against it. I was able to rub them out. I treated the Nina with Wilsons but since I plan of keeping and using it, I may treat it again for good measure.
    I guess my line would be for anyone to stay away from this Spring's bags with the exception of the Elisha. At least I know the dark red color remains looking great with not a mark or blemish on it after using it hard for a week. The Charlie only gave me 4 days before it showed it's true colors.
  10. Lexie, I'm so glad you're buying and testing all these bags and let us in on the pitfalls before we waste our money, LOL
  11. I know I know....I am the Kooba Guinea Pig! LOL
  12. I think I am going to wait for the fall line and meanwhile collect my oldies. There are many many classic Koobas to be had too everyone ;)

    I do like the Elisha but I am not in love with it and the others I like from this line have proven weak in the wear and tear department. I had my heart set on a Devon but I just dunno about such long straps ... going to wait a bit ...