Kooba Nina on Active Endeavors

  1. Oh My...I have this one ordered but I may have to sell it. It's even smaller than I anticipated. It looks tiny on these teensie sized models! They show them in Black/luggage/blonde.

  2. It looks about the size of your bitty Bonnie, just not as poochy.

    Time will tell.

    What percentage of bags ordered do you return/sell, would you say?
  3. I keep most of them. I don't buy to sell but since I am ordering sight unseen sometimes selling is the only way to recoup my money loss. I really never expected to have to sell the Bonnie. I thought I had the size down in my head pretty well.
  4. ooh sorry,
    maybe the meredith isn't that large!
  5. It sure is small...so is the handle. Love that Luggage color, though. It seems as if Kooba has gone from big to not quite big enough on more than a few of their bags. Oh, well...guess that they are trying to appeal to all.
  6. I think AE's models are pretty tall. Please find the picture of the same girl modeling Olivia at AE.com and see that Olivia looks quite small.
  7. It is small, it is not one of my favorite Koobas either, but I like the color.