Kooba Nicole - will be my 1st Kooba...help me choose a color?

  1. I love this new style! But, I'm torn between the ivory and luggage colors. I'd mostly be using it for work and do need a brown colored bag. The ivory looks so beautiful and lush though. I should be practical and go for the luggage, right? Does anyone have one of their bags in this color - is it really orange-y? Thanks for the feedback!

    Kooba - Nicole Pleated Leather Bag - Saks.com
  2. Ooh, lovely bag! I say go for the ivory! You'll always be able to get a brown bag but this design looks really great in the ivory color, imo.
  3. That is a really great looking bag. I see what you mean though about it being hard to decide. I enlarged it and went back and forth. I have gone wild over white or ivory bags lately, but honestly I think the luggage is just gorgeous for this bag. Though the ivory definitely does look lush. Okay...I'm not a lot of help, huh? :smile: Now you have me wanting the luggage Kooba...or the ivory one. Ha!

    I vote Luggage, if this is a contest. :~)
  4. I'd go with the luggage. I've heard about light colored Kooba's having issues with color transfers, plus it would stain so easily. The luggage is such a pretty color and would go with anything, IMO.
  5. luggage!!i like the color so much!!
    i also love color such tan...hehe
  6. You're 1st Kooba will be the Nicole.. great choice!! Both colors are very nice, but I would pick the Ivory.
  7. Oh...you guys are no help! :p I'm just kidding; I really appreciate your comments! I think I'll go for the luggage color. After spending 20 minutes going through bags in my closet, I think it'll be the best choice because (and I would never admit this in person) I already have a white goat skin bag that's been used...once. Boo.

    But I'm going to wait a couple more days before deciding, just to make sure. Thanks again!

    P.S. RowanOak, you should get one too. Then I can get whichever color you don't. :p
  8. The Nicole looks gorgeous. I've been debating about which color I like the best as well! I would probably go with the luggage since you said you do need a brown leather bag. They're both gorgeous though.
  9. I say go with the ivory.....love Kooba's ivory bags... especially the ivory sienna and marcelle....I think it's easy to find a luggage color bag for your next purchase!!
    Good Luck!!
  10. Both colours look great!:yahoo: I would probably go for the luggage, although the ivory is gorgeous...Have the Sienna in ivory and it's really a beautiful colour, but stains too easily (having said that I already yearn for another Kooba in ivory.. right, I'm not much help either...)

    Have you tried this bag on, do you know if it's heavy?
  11. I LOVE the bag....great choice!
    Definitely go for the luggage...it's more versatile!
  12. If you are looking for an everyday bag, then go with the luggage. It will be hard to keep the Ivory looking good. (I do like the Ivory better though...)
  13. You are a BAD influence, halocom. :smile: I'm back here at 2:45 a.m. to check the strap drop length. Yep, perfect. I know I'm going to end up getting this in luggage. And I'm going to be soo disappointed in myself for being so weak. I knew I shouldn't have come to this section of tPF. :sweatdrop:

    What are you going to do/get? :~)
  14. Well, it IS late. You said you had decided on the luggage. Maybe we could meet up for lunch with our luggage Koobas. How cute (cutesy) would that be? Lol. But if you got the ivory, then we wouldn't stand out so much or look so cutesy. They really do have a different look (or feel). Decisions, decisions...