Kooba Nicole Rose $357

  1. it's not in stock. I placed an order for this one in June, but the order had been in process for over a month, then I had to cancel it.
  2. what a pretty bag though! i don't think i've ever seen this kooba style.
  3. I purchased it earlier this summer for the same price on Elux. I'm surprised this bag keeps popping back up.
  4. I also placed an order for this at the end of July. Last week Eluxury customer service told me it was not in stock, and that it was seasonal merchandise it would not be in stock again. I told her to cancel my order and asked why the bag keep showing up in their sale section. She told me that there was a "glitch" in their site that allows some out-of-stock items to go back on their website. I told her that glitch needs to be fixed. She said it would be fixed, and since them that same bag has appeared in their sale section at least 3 times. So if you are thinking of getting that bag, don't, because it is not in stock. :tdown: