Kooba Nicole or Elisha? Rose or Red? HELP!

  1. I am SO bad. My Purse Plan for '07 included only 4 bags. I'm really, really sticking to it.

    Here's my dilemma - I'm making my next buy in May and I was going to buy the Kooba Elisha in red. Now after browsing around the different threads here and looking online at various sites, I'm swinging towards buying the Nicole in rose instead.

    Here's my question - which would be a more neutral color, the rose or the red?

    Maybe some of you have each of these bags in this color and could tell me first-hand.

  2. I think they are both neutral colors really. At first I was stuck on the red but the rose has really grown on me ... hmm, I am not much help LOL
  3. I agree with you, Cheekers. I think they're both fairly neutral and they're both gorgeous and I want BOTH bags. AACCCKKK!!!!

    This is shallow obsessing at it's worst.

    I need to figure out a way to get both bags. Then my problem will be solved. :graucho:

    Of course I also want the Nicole in luggage, but that's another discussion for another day. :yes:
  4. Well besides color, which BAG do you like better?
  5. I like them both, but if I absolutely had to pick according to style, I'd go with the Nicole. The Elisha is beautiful and would be a bit of a change from my usual style, which I think wouldn't be a bad thing. Mix it up a bit, you know?

    BUT, you make a good point. I do like the style of Nicole slightly more than Elisha.

    Decisions can kill me. You should see me sweat it out over menu selections. :sweatdrop:
  6. Then there ya go. The Rose Nicole is gorgeous - get her!
  7. I think I'm sold on it. :yes: I knew I'd get some good pointers here. Thanks!!!

    Kooba Nicole - 60 days and counting (if I can hold out that long. ) :wlae:
  8. I think the Red Elisha is a beautiful neutral color but I had to have a Rose one too. I am wondering if the Rose wouldn't look right carried in the Winter. What do you guys think. I don't care either way. I want my Rose Charlie.
  9. Personally, I prefer the Elisha in Red. I like Nicole in Rose, but I don't think it would go with as many things, and as Lexie commented, I don't think it would look right in winter. But that's just me. If you already have tons of other bags you like for winter, go with the Nicole Rose!
  10. Lexie - I live in south Louisiana (just outside New Orleans) and we don't have cold, cold winters here. Most people wear transitional clothing rather than winter clothing during the winter months, so maybe the rose color wouldn't look out of place. Hard to say without being able to see it IRL.

    I know the true red would be a year-round color but I'm just so taken w the Nicole and you're partly to blame! LOL!!!
  11. I live in the Upper Panhandle of West Va. We have 4-5 months of Winter Winter. Cold & Snow. Just like my Fuschia Alex I don't think the Rose Charlie or Nicole will look right in the Winter. But I think I could carry them March-September. Actually I take that back. I could probably carry the Alex into colder months. It might look okay in the Cold since it's so Bold. The Rose just looks so summery to me.
  12. LOL! If you're like me you probably have more bags than you can reasonably carry in a year.

    I don't know why I'm fretting about it. If I buy the rose Nicole I'll carry it during the summer, switching it out w/ some of my other bags, then I'll be ready to let it rest during the winter while I carry my new fall/winter '07 bags, whatever they turn out to be.

    I'm just gonna get it and enjoy it!

    Obsessing over! So when are you getting your rose Charlie?
  13. Personally I would chose the Elisha in Red because she will go with many more things and can be carried all season.

    Just think about it...everytime you wear bluejeans, that muted petal Red goes....everytime you need a feminine girlie bag, the Red one goes.....if it is the dead of winter and you cannot take the gloom anymore, the Red one goes.

    I rest my case. *s

    But truthfully, you need both.
  14. I have the red Elisha and it is gorgeous-it gets my vote! I think red can be worn in any season, while dusty rose (light pinkish) is more spring/summer. Good luck w/your decision!:shrugs:
  15. i ilke the elisha in red! i think it's multi-seasonal and it's such a gorgeous bag...:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: