Kooba Nicole & Natasha

  1. Very excited. My eBay seller wrote to tell me my Kooba Nicole is in. And he also said that the Natasha is in. Someone here (forgive me for forgetting who) placed an order with him, and he says her bag is in also. I suppose he will get in touch with you but he almost kind of sounded like he wanted me to tell you (whoever you are...LOL)

    Hope I love the Luggage color. That Rose color tugs at me but I am trying to be practical.
  2. Lexie, I'm wondering if it was me....did he mention if the bag was an elisha in blonde?
    I had put a depo on the bag and thought the transaction was already finalized....maybe I'm just being paranoid cuz I'm so anxious to get the bag!
  3. We want to see photos when they arrive. We are such picture hogs. *s
  4. Yay, can't wait to see pics! :yahoo:
  5. No, he didn't mention an Elisha but you can write him and ask him. Maybe he was just giving me a heads up to tell my friends in the purse board that he has 2 Ink Natashas in. I remembered someone placed and order with him and I just assumed it was you who put down a deposit. I wouldn't fret. He also ordered me a Bonnie but said it isn't in yet.
  6. I really want a ink Parker. All these bags are going to bankrupt me.
  7. Oooh, an Ink Natasha.... I've been lusting... Do you know the price? (I don't have a depo down or anything, just curious.)
  8. I didn't ask the price but his prices are nice. I got the Nicole for 419 (retail 595). He just wrote me again and said to tell you all he had 2 Ink Natashas. He said someone in here wrote him about one. Maybe it was The Fondler. He already has one so you wouldn't need a downpayment. That was only if you wanted him to order one special for you. These you would just buy. Write him and ask his price. His user name is LNinos. I'm not putting his email on here because I don't think that is good but you can go through eBay and contact him.

  9. Lexie has a very bad way of making me fall in love with her purses and want them badly for myself! Ok, so as usual - I'm loving the red Kooba in your avatar (forget the name of it) - can you share your ebay seller's name? I can't do full price! :graucho:
  10. I am :drool: at the thought of all these beautiful bags at these great prices. Congrats to everyone who's getting one.

    Lexie - Your red Elisha is gorgeous!!!!

    Counting down the days until I order mine. Seems like an eternity.
  11. Just look up in the previous Post. His name is LNinos.
    And Chodessa...I just heard from him again. He said his Bonnies and the Red and Blonde Elishas have not come in yet. He'd ordered them in a special order so they would come seperate from his others.
    Larsue, he is expecting more Elisha in Red so I'd write him and have him reserve one for you. 379 is a good deal from a retail of 535.

  12. Sorry! I looked earlier and didn't find his name. I *did* find it in another thread though and I already added him and another seller you mentioned. Thanks for the tips babe!