Kooba Nicole -Meredith - opinions?

  1. I really like that SLATE color - I haven't seen it IRL yet though..
  2. Don't think any of us have the Meredith, agree with you on that Slate, looks gorgeous:heart:
  3. I just bought the Meredith in blonde yesterday at Neiman Marcus. I've only started using it today. So far I'm loving it.
  4. I love so many of the new Koobas but haven't bought any yet b/c of all the leather complaints, so no comments on this one yet ...
  5. Do you have any pics?? Would love to see it!
  6. Does that big front flap get in the way or hard to get in and out of? It is gorgeous but a pretty big bag, isn't it?
  7. The flap is not that big. I don't mind it. It's the same size as the medium Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. I love the color. I can probably use this all year round. :smile:
    resizeDSC00752.JPG resizeDSC00754.JPG resizeDSC00755.JPG
  8. ^ I love it!
  9. WOW! I love that Blonde meredith. Does the shorter strap fit on the shoulder too?
  10. It's gorgeous, the color, the style, everything.

  11. Yes! The shorter strap does fit the shoulder. I use the longer strap to put on the stroller or on the back of a chair.

    Sorry Halzer, but your pic of Smeagol scares the bejezuz out of me.
  12. Oh I'm glad you were brave enough to say something. The gollum freaked me out at 18 when I read the books and he freaks me out now everytime I see that Avatar.

    Why Gollum? Does he like Pursesssss....ssssssss???
  13. YES!
  14. I'm considering the Meredith in Brown...looks really roomy!!