Kooba Nicole, ivory or rose - which is more practical?

  1. Ivory will probably get dirty sooner, but rose doesn't go with everything. Which one to choose? Help!


  2. I like the Rose. I still think it goes with almost everything.
  3. I like the Rose also. It's a beautiful bag.
  4. Another vote for the rose. It's pretty and will go with a lot.
  5. Like them both, would probably go with the Ivory (but love the Rose, maybe I should stay out of this, LOL)
  6. Love the Rose! Though the ivory is pretty too. I'm personally eying the rose though. I think it's gorgeous.
  7. I can't vote with the crowd today because I love the ivory too much. In any case, the bag is wonderful and will look great no matter what you decide.
  8. That is one gorgeous bag in rose. Beautiful!
  9. I love the Rose color! If I didn't put myself on a purse ban, I would totally get it.
  10. The rose is so unique....and it's actually quite a neutral shade for a pink bag!
  11. Both are gorgeous bags, but the new Kooba rose wins out, imo. Anybody know what other styles come in this beautiful color?
  12. I love the rose :smile:!!! White looks a bit boring.
  13. Oh I would have to say the Rose is the nicest, most unique and it is somewhat a neutral color, adding a soft feminine accent.
  14. I would say Rose too. In this case the rose just looks soo much nicer next to the plane ivory.
  15. Rose is LOVELY! :heart: