Kooba Newbie ANNOYED- Opinions wanted...

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  1. I sincerely would love your opinions on my situation...

    I have mentioned in a couple posts that I recently bought two Kooba's-- the Jacinda in lavendar and the Lola in hot pink. I bought from Neiman's. I don't live near a Neiman's, so I did a charge send. The first Lola I received looked scuffed and ugly, so I requested a second. The second was even worse, and it's going back too.

    I originally asked for the Jacinda in lavendar, but then exchanged it via charge send for the patent black becuase I didn't like the lavendar-too pale. Let me just say I LOVE the style of the bag. It is gorgeous. When it came the other day I looked over it to make sure it was okay and then put it in my closet. I didn't notice any problems.

    So a few minutes ago, I took it out of the closet to change purses. I looked down at the handles of the bag and I noticed that in one part, the patent is coming off of the handles between the where it is sewn and where it is sealed. It has affected about two inches of the handle. Now, if it was a cheap bag, I wouldn't complain, but for a bag that retails for close to $600 am mad! :cursing:

    I have attached a picture. It's bad because it was taken with a cell phone camera. But beyond this being a hassle, I feel terrible for the SA becuase she's going to have to take returns on a good sale. Since I used to be in her position, I totally know how it feels AND I don't want to come across as being one of those annoying customers!!!! I don't want to make all these returns, I just want bags in good condition!

    So, based on what I am saying, and on this pic, do you guys think I am being unreasonable?

    This is the first time I've ever bought Kooba but I am so disappointed, as I had PLENTY of my personal customers who LOVED them!!! Even though I worked in jewelry, I sold soo many Koobas to these customers and never had ANY complaints!

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  2. I tried to highlight the "damaged" area without much success. But the part I am talking about is on the right hand side, beginning with where my thumb is and extending about two inches upwards.
  3. ^^
    Sorry, it's really hard to see what you're referring to - any chance you can post some clearer pics?
  4. Sorry, that's the best my cell phone camera will do...

    But I guess my whole point is, for that amount of money it's not unreasonable to expect a perfect bag, no?

    And, it sounds like something is going on with the QC at Kooba. They are going to loose current customers, and turn off potential new ones!! Are they based out of NYC or LA?
  5. ^You're in the right, Jen. A $600 bag should not have defects like that when it is brand new. If you're not happy - you should return it. I totally get where you're coming from... :tdown:
  6. For that kind of money you definitely deserve a perfect bag. Don't feel guilty, send it back. I find myself appalled at Kooba's quality control.
  7. I agree. The bag should be in perfect condition. I am sorry your first time purchasing w/ Kooba has been bad. They seem to have some issues lately.
  8. I know what you mean about the SA - but the bottom line is it's your $600, and you should be 100% satisfied with your bag. We've all bought and returned (sometimes multiple times) a bag that is not right. There are too many beautiful bags out there to settle for one that you're unhappy with. Good luck, and hope you find one in perfect shape.
  9. How frustrating....if it's bothering you, you should definitely return it....
    So many are disappointed with Kooba nowadays...it's such a bummer:sad:
  10. Do not compromise and do not settle, girl! If it's not right....send it back. Sorry you're having to deal with this hassle.
  11. Yes they are based in New York...their address is on the website.

    I have been trying for about 2 months now to get replacement buttons for my Angie bag with no luck, it's currently under review-I think they should just tell me that they threw my request in the garbage, I think that would at least be honest! :nogood:
  12. So I bit the bullet and sent both back this morning. I am so disappointed, becuase I really wanted to love these bags!!!
  13. I sent my Kooba back twice! Finally, just got a refund! I used it for two days and it litarelly fell apart! I have lots of much cheaper bags that are much better quality. And you can't get Kooba CS on the phone, ever! I am really turned off to this brand!
  14. This is so sad and Kooba are stupid to get such a terrible reputation..even if they come up with a fabulous collection now, lots of people would be weary...they were onto a good thing (with those wonderful bags of past seasons), how very unwise to let it all unravel like this....
  15. And I'm glad you returned it, it's your hard earned money after all...