Kooba Natasha

  1. Hi,

    For those of who own or have experience with this bag - how heavy is it? Is there a difference of weight between the leather vs. the patent?

    Any thoughts from you Kooba experts?

  2. Well I'll tell you one thing, that gunmetal patent has got to the most amazing bag. Oh boy - what a beauty. I don't think that the patent is heavy....from what I remember when I tried it on at Nordies.....
  3. I tried on the ink Natasha a while ago and thought it was very comfortable weight wise. Especially for a Kooba. I have a Sloane which may just be the heaviest bag ... evah!!! Anyway, still kicking myself for not buying that beautiful ink Natasha when I had the chance! The leather is so soft and light, I don't think it would be heavy unless the contents were heavy.
  4. I have a black patent and its not heavy at all. I never tried the leather tho
  5. Thanks to all for your help