Kooba Natasha question

  1. I just purchased a Kooba Natasha in straw from Active Endeavors. It is so beautiful--my first Kooba and I think I may buy more! The leather is baby soft and the style and structure of the bag is really great--really neat concept for a bag, how you can change the size. I was excited to get it for 25% off. The straw is such a pretty spring/summer neutral!
    I want to post pics but I haven't figured out how to set up my new dig cam with the computer yet!

    The question is this--do you think it would be safe to use Wilson's Leather protectant spray on this bag? I'm a little nervous because the color is so light that I might have a problem. On the other hand, I'm nervous not to treat it. Anyone know?
  2. First thing...congratulations on your new (and first of many) Kooba Natasha! It does look like a beautiful bag. I'm a nervous nellie about spraying any substance on my four Kooba bags...and have yet to do it. I know that I should (and hopefully won't regret it) and plan on buying some Applegard which has been highly recommend by some of the gals. Let's hope that someone else can help you with your Wilson's spray...I'm sure they will. Enjoy your new bag!
  3. Congrats on your new Kooba!
    I have used Wilson's leather spray on several bags, and it has worked well (although I don't have any dramatic, spilled-coffee-but-still-perfect accidents to testify with). Just seems to help keep it from getting dingy, etc. On lighter leather it seemed to darken at first when I sprayed it on, which freaked me out, but it goes back to the normal color as it dries.
    I have also heard rave reviews of Appleguard and Shining Monkey on this forum, but have yet to try either one.
    Good luck and enjoy your new bag!
  4. do a search on this, you will find a lot!
  5. I have now used both Wilson and Appleguard, both seemed to work just fine. Your bag will darken when you first spray it on, don't fret, it dries perfectly.

    And I do think it helps keep them clean. I do not worry about raindrops anymore.
  6. Thanks for the helpful advice everyone! I did search the forum and it looks like the Wilson's stuff will be safe to use so I'll go ahead and do it!
  7. i'd call kooba directly and ask them!
  8. Oh I have a story for you guys....
    As I said in another thread, I sprayed ALL of my bags with Wilsons aerosol last week. I have been using my Pink Kooba Alex with the breast cancer scarf. It's a hot pink/fuschia and like others have said. It initially darkens and dries and is fine.

    Tonight Mom and I went out for dinner and when we went back to her house I sat my bag on the kitchen table. In walks my brother who is in the fridge trying to get salad stuff out. Next thing I know I have about 3 tablespoons of Italian dressing running down the side of my bag. Way to go Bro! I ran and got a wet cloth and washed it off twice and then dabbed it with a dry towel. My Mom was so worried cause she was sure it was ruined. 20 minutes later.....The bag looks exactly as it did before Italy Hit it! No noticable anything! I LOVE Wilsons!
  9. Wonderful! I will do it!
  10. Wilson's sounds great. I also can't wait to see pics of your Natasha :heart:
  11. Okay! That sounds like the right product to use. I am just so afraid of changing the color of the leather of any bag I spray.......but that is a great testimonial to Wilson's....
  12. Remind us exactly which Wilson's it is, post a pic even? Thanks.
  13. It is the leather protector spray from Wilson's Leather - I am not sure if they have changed their packaging at all since I bought mine, but it came in a silver aerosol spray can (kinda looks like a can of hairspray) with an opaque plastic top. Seems like usually they have it next to the register. HTH!
  14. THANK YOU :biggrin:
  15. I second the Wilson's protector spray. I've used it on everything from very pale leather and suede to black finished leathers with great results on everything. It darkens as it is sprayed, but dries to its original color.

    Just a fun experiment: Place a magazine over half of a piece of paper towel. Spray the remaining half with Wilson's leather protector. Then put the whole thing in a pan with water. Watch the protected side sit on top the water while the unprotected side gets soaked and sinks to the bottom. It DOES work!