kooba natasha question

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm in love with the natasha style, but i'm not a huge fan of the patent leather. I saw that they style comes in regular leather in navy at active endeavors, which is amazing, but I really want it in a caramel colour (same color as the patent leather but matte). Anyone know if Kooba makes this or will be? Thanks! :smile:
  2. The Natasha will be my next purchase too! I am loving the ink (dark blue) color, but they also will offer her in white, brown, and straw.
  3. Oh and BTW, the colors I mentioned above will all be leather (the straw isn't really straw!) and are due out this month ...
  4. ooooh, I'm so happy!! Thanks, you made my day! Is the straw kinda caramely? At this point I'm not so picky on the actual brown color, but would love a lighter, kinda honey color. The dark blue is really applealing though too!
  5. Hey you guys,

    Yea I do think Kooba is going to be coming out with other colors, probably one in tan too. I think. So I guess just wait? Probably by end of March or April.
  6. i just bought the kooba natasha in caramel and i love it! soft and squishy, amazing leather and it's LIGHT in terms of weight...i got a ton of compliments on it today when i took her out for a spin!
  7. Anyway you could post some pics? I want to see one of these bags in a real home pic. I am drawn to it but I can't decide because I don't get a good feel of it's size, and what it would be used for. Is it too much of a tote and not much of a handbag?
  8. Oh I would love to see a pic of this one as well! I have some of the same questions as you Lexie....can't wait to see the new colors for this one! Although the I think the ink is gorgeous in its own right! :yes:
  9. The ink is gorgeous, that will be my next Kooba if I don't find my Marcelle first!
  10. hi! i can't take pics to post right now...digital camera being borrowed...but, i'm 5'3 and the bag doesn't overpower me...i love that it can be worn two different ways...i used it at work yesterday (i'm a teacher) and i got a ton of compliments on it...i've NEVER used patent leather before, but, this doesn't feel like "your mother's patent leather" if you know what i mean...it's not stiff and unmoveable...anyway, i hope that helps and you can feel free to email me if you want to ask anything else...i'm really glad that i got it!