Kooba Natasha Patent Deep Red Gorgeous!!!

  1. Hi everyone!!!:yahoo:

    I am new to the site, I am a huge Kooba fan and after spending the night in I thought I would search the net for Kooba's! I bumped into Purseblog...pretty awesome site!

    I'm glad to see that I am not the only Kooba fan out there!:p

    Well I have seen and own A LOT of Kooba's and have never seen the bag I saw today! I was strolling thru Bal Habour shops in FL (I'm a Miami girl ;))and I saw a girl walking around with what looked like a Natasha to me, turnstyle locks and everything. BUT it was a gorgeous deep red patent leather! It did cross my mind that it could be a fake but she was dressed with the best and the Natasha complimented a fabulous pair of leopard print Christian Louboutins. ANYWAY I finally dug up the courage to ask what kind of bag she was carrying? She turned and said it's Kooba. I mentioned I had never seen it in stores or on the website and I have seen almost all if not all Kooba's ever made. She said well I work for Kooba :smile: I said you lucky gal it's gorgeous I love it. She was so nice and she let me look at it and model it in front of the mirror. The interior is the trademark brown canvas, with the two pockets where you can insert your phone, blackberry (which is what she had) or whatever you feel like. A pocket in between those two that was thin and narrow she had a pen in there and it also had a "dog" chain where she had her keys latched onto. Very cool very Kooba! I have the Natasha in white and LOVE it! I think I will be purchasing this color when it debuts!

    Well I thought I would share my experience! Hope you weren't bored! Glad to be here!!!:woohoo:
  2. Lucky Duck!!! That is so cool and congrats on getting a glimpse of a new Kooba yet to debut!! I am green with envy! :greengrin::greengrin:
  3. Excellent report SunnysideMia! What fun! I would have had a hard time restraining myself from asking her way too many questions.
  4. It must be wonderful to work for Kooba and be able to wear those bags before they're released. Lucky lady. I can't wait to see pics when it comes out. It sounds gorgeous.
  5. That bag sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see it when it comes out.
  6. oh a red patent Kooba gives me chills! how long do we have to wait?
  7. I restrained myself from asking too many questions. She was shopping with friends and was being pulled in different directions by them :s But she was sweet and nice so that was good. I did ask if it came in other colors and she said a gunmetal grayish color patent as well. She said it looked just as great as her red. I said well u must have the inside scoop on the upcoming bags. She said yes but can't say much about it :sad: She did go on to say to watch out for Spring '08 Kooba will be releasing some very cool bags! But I couldn't get more out of her. She said sorry can't tell u but trust me u will not be disappointed! :yahoo:So I will be patiently waiting!!
  8. I'm so hoping she's right. Spring 08 has got to be better than Fall 07. It's been a very disappointing Fall for us Kooba lovers. I'm still in a quandry to try out one last bag for this Fall. There is still 2 more sets of bags to come out but from tidbits I've seen it doesn't get any better.
  9. Oh Lexie, there we were hoping that Kooba would 'pull a pedigree rabbit out of the hat' and surprise us with a wonderful Kooba Fall bag, but it sounds like they're not. How sad is that. Roll on Spring 2008!!!
  10. Mmmm... a gunmetal grey patent Kooba! I cannot wait!!!
  11. I was in Neiman Marcus on Saturday and saw the red patent natasha. So it's in stores ladies!
  12. KoobaLOver........I recently bought the gunmetal Parker from NM, it was a great color but I never really was a patent type person, so I ended up returning it. Didin't see the red one though.:smile:
  13. Check it Out!

    Picture 1.jpg
  14. Wow, it gorgeous! But a little bright for me even though I love red bags. Very very pretty!